Web design

Menasa offers attractive and targeted website design services with new, varied, unique and unconventional creative ideas, with appropriate distribution of content and design elements that increase the interaction of visitors with your site and keep distraction from them for easy browsing.
We also guarantee that you use everything new in the field of website design according to global and local changes.

Web Hosting

Menasa Smart Solutions offers hosting services for websites and web applications - as we offer a package of offers that suit all companies starting from shared hosting to VPS hosting services while providing all the tools you need to set up and develop your business website.

Electronic systems programming.

Menasa always strives to provide suitable solutions for broadband internet services that are carefully designed to meet the needs of the business sector and with the increasing interest in work systems, the need has emerged to connect all sectors and the facility with fast interconnection networks that provide speed and safety factors for users and information; That is why the company devoted a special section to Web Applications, which allows the development of systems that can be used from anywhere and at any time without the need to work from a computer with installed electronic systems, as is the case in desktop applications, which was placing restrictions on the expansion of the space utilizing the systems e.

Maintenance and technical support contracts.

Technical support service is one of the most basic services that we provide to our generous customers, which we excel in providing as we provide it to all our customers in any of the provided areas, starting from the time of receipt of the project for the sake of product safety and quality control in performance. Where we provide the service either by e-mail or phone call, in addition to the possibility of providing the service through the use of the latest technologies in remote access, where the engineer in charge diagnoses the problem and contributes to solving it with the customer.

  • Maintenance of systems provided by Menasa for smart solutions.
  • Maintenance of computers.
  • Maintenance of networks and computers and their supplies.
  • Providing resident technician service in the same facility.
  • Offer support by phone.
  • Remote entry with the latest secure technology.

Our Clients